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Our charming 16x46F micro-housing has bright and welcoming living space. Its area of 721 sq. ft. is composed of a large master bedroom able to fit a King size mattress, an open kitchen with pantry, dining room and living room, a large bathroom and even a corner for the washer and dryer. In addition, this tiny modular house gets larger in the summer thanks to its superb 145 ft2 terrace.


Superficie (Pi2): 721
Chambre(s): 1
Salle(s) de bain: 1
Garage: Garage: 0



  • All the houses are built with first quality kiln dried wood.

  • Manufacturing inside the plant allows a dry construction and reduces warping of the wood.

  • The frame and assembly techniques used by Comfort Design Masterbuilders ensure first quality structural soundness.

  • The quality of the homes, and Comfort Designs precise plant assembly techniques are far superior to those of normal site conditions.



  • The unique insulation technique, Thermo-Comfort, developed by Comfort Design, ensures optimal energetic performance and comfort throughout all seasons.

  • The techniques and mastered controlled behavior of the materials used were achieved through 1500 realizations over the course of the last 35 years.



  • The controlled production done inside the plant of Comfort Design, will allow you to save valuable time towards the realization of your new residence.

  • Protected from the elements, and with all the plants on site professionals in construction on hand, Comfort Design Engineered Homes will be able to offer you a delivery date that suits your needs.



  • The strict controlled fabrication done inside the plant ensures the highest quality.

  • Each work station is subject to our controlled quality system, so that Comfort Design Homes surpass all industry standards, and, more importantly, yours!