Several factors justify the purchase of a Confort Design factory-built home. Here are a few:


  • All houses are built with top quality kiln-dried wood.
  • Manufacturing inside the factory allows for dry construction and thus reduces warping of the wood.
  • The Confort Design Master-Builder assembly and framework techniques ensure first-class structural strength.
  • The quality of the houses and the assembly precision of the Confort Design factory are far superior to normal site conditions.

Comfort :

  • The unique Thermo-comfort insulation technique developed by Confort Design ensures optimal energy efficiency and comfort through all seasons.
  • The techniques and mastery of the behavior of materials are the fruit of more than 1,800 achievements over the past 35 years.
  • Speed:
  • The factory-controlled production of Confort Design will save you valuable time towards the realization of your new home.
  • Sheltered from bad weather and with all the construction professionals on site, Maisons Usinées Confort Design will be able to offer you a delivery date that suits your needs.

Quality control :

  • Rigorous manufacturing controls carried out in the factory ensure first-class quality.
  • Each workstation is subject to our continuous Quality-control system so that Confort Design homes surpass all industry standards, and, more importantly, yours!

Each house can be built to your specifications.

Comfort Design specifications and standards


  • 25 year shingles
  • Asphalt felt 15lbs first 36″ + synthetic membrane
  • 15/32 Oriented Wood Chip Panels
  • H-clips
  • Roof trusses 24″ c/c
  • Insulation retainer boxes
  • R-50 cellulose insulation
  • Insulated access hatch
  • Reflective aluminized vapor barrier
  • Wood fittings
  • 1/2″ drywall


  • Exterior siding – vinyl or to customer specifications
  • 1″ x 3″ wood furring  to 16″ c/c
  • Continuous air barrier
  • R-4 insulating panel
  • Dry 2 x 6 studs
  • Green fiber insulation R-20
  • Reflective aluminized vapor barrier
  • Fur 1 x 3
  • 1/2″ drywall


  • Oriented wood chip panels for floors 19/32 tongue and groove
  • Superior adhesion glue
  • 3/8″ plywood under ceramic
  • “I” beams spaced every 16″
  • Stirrups
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  • Center Beam LVL