The main advantages of Maisons Confort Design are the use of dry materials sheltered from bad weather, the customization of the plans and the personalized customer service.

  • Choose a plan from our selection and make your changes
  • Bring your own plan which will be verified and approved by our architectural technologist

The prefabricated house is made up of modules that are 75% completed at the factory.

Important steps to be completed by the customer before, during and after delivery

  1. Before delivery
    • Ground/Yard
  2. Choice of the Confort Design House with or without modifications to the plans (supported by Confort Design and the client)
  3. After delivery
    • Electrical and plumbing connections
    • Plastering (jointing)
    • Installation of woodwork
    • Painting
    • Floor coverings
    • Exterior balcony
    • Masonry (if applicable)
    • Crane or roller installation costs