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The Bertrand Family – Morin Heights

A second home with Confort Design… we thought the timing was not ideal with the pandemic, restrictions, shortages, delays and much more… at the same time, we were doing business with Confort Design, therefore with a company and people amazing people you can count on. With whom we have the right time and with whom we can get quick answers… so we embarked on the adventure… problems in the works are common things, but with CDs when there are there is a problem there are resources and there are solutions… never empty promises, the operation is calculated to the quarter turn and the promises kept… the promise of the delivery of a beautiful house, the most beautiful! well-built houses according to initial expectations. An effective follow-up from start to finish… we are so satisfied, you have exceeded our expectations… once again… and above all, a project delivered on time, WOW!! When is the next project? Thanks to the whole team…

Serge Moffatt – Domaine de la Vallée – Gore

A thunderous team. Courteous people, attentive to needs. We love our house. We received our house on time in November 2021. A great team worked hard to get us set up before the snow. Wow and a phone call away when needed. Well done Comfort Design. I recommend you 110%.

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Roger Beauchamp-


We have been living in the Domaine de la Nature since November 2020 and are very happy in our new home. Very happy with the service considering we settled in during the pandemic. Thanks to the Confort Design team .

Mathieu Pilotte


I am really happy with the service I received with the Confort Design team, they take the time to ensure that all stages of the delivery are done on time. Not to mention the professionalism of the team that brings us the plan, the choice of colors for my house down to the smallest detail. It will be my 3rd house and I can tell you that it is the first time that I have seen such a good organization. I had a big problem with the Covid for the date of my delivery and they put construction 2 weeks in advance to help me get a quality home for me and my son. No construction company has offered me such an opportunity. Same for my land.

I wholeheartedly thank the Confort Design team, Michel Boucher, seller and the owner (SYLVAIN NADEAU).

I recommend the micro dwellings without hesitation.

Congratulations to all equipped Merc

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