Treat yourself with ingenuity and peace of mind with the Micro-Housing concept of Comfort Design.


The acquisition of a micro house ensures you with unparalleled peace of mind. Comfort Design’s Micro-Housing concept is the only house whose interior is fully completed within the plant, allowing you to save time and money. Upon delivery of your home, finishing steps such as joints, painting, floor coverings and installation of mouldings are already completed, and all done in a perfectly controlled plant environment. You can also receive your home fully furnished, working in collaboration with our partner Breault et Martineau, making it possible to deliver your micro house and live in it the same evening! Unheard of and never seen before!


With an insulation factor of R-31 for walls and R-50 for roofs, micro-housing offers the highest insulation for homes in this category. Exceeding the building code standards and built according to a strict production protocol, your house will give you unparalleled comfort.


Offering a modern look and a more efficient design, Micro-Housing is in a class of its own! All of our micro houses are equipped with a series of high quality materials, including an upscale exterior covering of Canexel, colored windows, Zen mouldings and hardwood floors.

Very affordable prices

Offer yourself a micro house for a fraction of the price of a traditional home. The incomparable efficiency of its entire construction being done in the plant allows us to offer you an unbeatable quality/price value. If you share your time between Quebec and outside the country, a micro house is the perfect opportunity to offer yourself a very affordable residence.

Choose a Micro House for:

  • Micro mortgage payments.
  • Micro heating costs.
  • Micro municipal tax bills.
  • Micro maintenance costs.
  • Micro home insurance costs.

 Comfort Design’s Micro-Housing : Freedom at a lesser cost!