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Comfort Design Manufactured Homes Inc. was founded in November 2003, following the association of two experienced businessmen, that being Mr. Michel Mathon, B.A.A and Mr. Sylvain Nadeau, CPA, CMA,  M.B.A. The company already possesses a lot of experience from the start, Mr. Mathon being a 3rd generation home builder and the president of Germat Homes, a major player in the construction sector for the last decade.

The two entrepreneurs set up their headquarters in their Mascouche plant on Sicard Street in 2004, and share the premises of 60 000 square feet with its sister companies Timberblock and Germat Homes, thus it sees a great synergy in the use of premises, human resources and purchasing power, allowing them to be very competitive in their costs.

From the get go, Comfort Design is a leader in the field of custom manufactured modular homes, with its sophisticated construction and unmatched energetic efficiency. The high rate of satisfaction coming from the clients is based on an impeccable customer service, allowing the company to ensure a steady growth over the years.

Over the years, the company has established joint sales points with its sister company Timberblock in Mascouche, Mirabel and Granby bordering highways 25, 15, and 10 respectively. It also has a sale point in Val d’Or.

Comfort Design holds a general contractor license and has about 30 employees.

For a construction meeting your needs and your budget, think Comfort Design Homes, A CLASS APART!